EH No.50 November/December 2009

cover50Thoughts on Using a Flag by Martin Black (read online) 
Martin uses his “fire drill” approach when using a flag with an older horse that might need some help or a young horse needing exposure.

Winter Projects with Jeff Derby (read online) 
When the snow is flying and the ground is icy, instead of missing time with our horses we can spend time working in areas we might skip over the rest of the year. Jeff gives us some ideas of where to start.

Dial It Up, Dial It Down by Buck Brannaman 
Buck discusses how you can change your energy according to your horse’s needs in his clinic in Spanaway, Wa. Compiled by Gale Nelson.

The Nature of Being by Terry Church 
Terry concludes her series by exploring what happens when one must examine the filter through which one views the world.

Making-Over the Mountain Valley Extreme Mustang Makeover by Donnette Hicks 
Can a competition judge based on the relationship between horse and rider?
Niji Bolted by Tom Moates 

Tom examines the counterintuitive advice given to him by Harry Whitney, and comes to a deeper understanding of what is happening within his horse.

Managing Stress by Jack Young 
Jack explores how you can understand and manage stress to promote top performance with a willing attitude.

Cary Schwarz – Thoughts on Saddlemaking by Heather Smith Thomas (read online) 
A profile of this talented saddlemaker and a discussion of his ability to balance form and function in his craft.

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