EH No.45 January/February 2009

cover45-1 Desensitizing by Martin Black (read online)
Martin opines on how much too much desensitizing is not a good thing and why being sensitive is important for a horse.

Stretching the Rubber Band by Joe Wolter (read online)
Joe explores the idea of challenging you and your horse in a working or competition situation to stretch your horsemanship.

Circles and Fence Exercise with Richard Caldwell (read online)
Richard guides us through walking symmetrical circles, and a helpful exercise for building good turnarounds.

Hitchhiking the Opening Rein by Wendy Murdoch
Wendy talks us through proper form when using the inside direct rein in an opening way.

Pyramid of Training for the Everyday Horseman Part 4 by Terry Church (read online)
Terry concludes her four-part series on a modified classical training pyramid for riders of all levels and disciplines.

Cowboy Horsemanship Under the Caprock by Donna Keagle
A report on a horsemanship clinic with Buster and Sheryl McLaury on the Guitar Ranch in Spur, Texas.

Tetanus and the Nail in the Hoof by Sue Stuska Ed.D.
Sue offers suggestions on dealing with the unfortunate surprise of finding a nail in your horse’s hoof.

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