EH No.44 November/December 2008

cover44Flight or Fight? Yield or Resist? by Martin Black (read online)
Martin explores when a horse will yield and when he will resist depends on whether or not he perceives he has an option.

Flexing and the Counter Bend Exercise with Richard Caldwell (read online)
Richard guides you through proper flexion in a hackamore and a helpful exercise for the turnaround.

The Artist as Rider: Bettina Drummond by Lynndee Kemmett
For classical trainer Bettina Drummond, dressage is not a sport, it is art.

Trail Course For Dressage Horses by Jec A. Ballou
Jec explores how simple trail course exercises can help a dressage horse.

Through the Lens by Gwynn Turnbull Weaver
A glimpse of life on the Californios DVD series production trail.

Straight From The Heart of Ray Hunt – A Clinic Report by Gale Nelson
A report on Ray Hunt’s April, 2008, clinic in Moxee, Washington.

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