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EH No.32 November/December 2006


cover32Riding the Hills by Sue Stuska, Ed.D. 
Common mistakes and how they can affect your horse when you are riding up and down hills.

The 4-bar-J by Tom Moates 
A thoughtful essay about the history and the influence of great horsemen on the present.

The Unforgettable by Bryan Neubert (read online) 
Bryan reflects on what he recalls as the toughest horse he ever came across; a pony-sized character that he and his kids started.

Let the Cow Work Your Horse by Martin Black (read online)
A cow can help encourage a horse to make transitions and changes of directions with purpose.

Gary Wiggins: Cowboy Gear Maker by Doreen Shumpert (read online) 
Meet Gary Wiggins, a talented craftsman whose passion is silver engraving and creating working cowboy gear.

The Mecate Master by Doreen Shumpert (read online) 
Doug Krause walks us throught the traditional process of making mane hair mecates.

Types of Aids—A Combination of Influences by Wendy Murdoch 
Wendy walks us through the various types of aids, natural and unnatural, that we can use to influence our horse.

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