EH No.02 November/December 2001


Dance Class 101 with Buck Brannaman
Learn a basic dance step to practice with your equine partner, moving the hind- and front quarters.

The Ten-Minute Horseman by Sylvana Smith (read online)
Worried about only having 10 minutes to spend with your horse each day? Never fear- you can accomplish a lot in a little time.

How Groundwork Relates to Riding, part 2 with Mindy Bower (read online)
Learn to recognize and encourage your horse to track around you with impulsion.

Bettina Drummond and her life studying under Nuno Oliveira by Wendy Murdoch, part 2
Learning to ride with a master horseman.

Tracks in the Snow with Bryan Neubert (read online)
Thinking about true unity and finding ways to make your idea become your horse’s.

Sound Feeding Practices by Sue Stuska, Ed.D. (read online)
Want to keep your horse happy and healthy? Learn sound feeding practices to keep your feeding program on track.

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