EH No.12 July/August 2003

cover12Ten Questions with Pedro Marquez (read online)
Meet Pedro Marquez, a cowboy balladeer who sings songs about the West and the lifestyle of his ancestors.

Bridling Your Horse with Buck Brannaman (read online)
Buck demonstrates how to prepare your horse to be bridled and offers helpful hints to putting your bridle on smoothly.

Gravity and Riding by Wendy Murdoch 
Wendy examines the force of gravity upon our bodies and how it can work for or against us in our riding.

Elements of a Saddle by Chuck Stormes (read online)
In part one of a three-part series, saddle-maker Chuck Stormes examines the saddle tree and explains some of its history.

A Refreshing Lesson Learned with Bryan Neubert 
Bryan demonstrates how to make hosing your horse off a refreshing experience rather than a frightening one.

Top Twelve Reasons Not to Blame the Rider by Sylvana Smith
While we are all willing to judge a rider by their horse, Sylvana gives us 12 things to keep in mind when being an observer.

Introducing a New Horse to the Herd by Sue Stuska Ed. D. (read online)
Sue offers some advice on how to safely add a new horse to an existing herd so that you can avoid unnecessary injuries.

The Story of Bud, part 4 by Cheryl Kimball 
Cheryl begins to gain, and lose, her confidence working with Bud.

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