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Eclectic Horseman Contributors

A.J. Magnum

A.J. Mangum is a writer and photographer. He is the editor of Ranch & Reata magazine; the founding editor of the publishing and multimedia venture The Frontier Project Inc.; a contributing writer to such publications as Eclectic Horseman and Persimmon Hill; and the author of the nonfiction collection Undiscovered Country. Learn more: www.ajmangumphoto.com

Alice Trindle

Alice’s students relay that her presentation is informative, always based on developing a deeper relationship with your horse, and most importantly FUN! Working on the basics of positive attitude, balanced movement, combined with feeling for the horse, Alice leads aspiring horseman to a true partnership opportunity. Learn more: www.tnthorsemanship.com

Bettina Drummond

Bettina spent more than 17 years under dressage master Nuno Oliveira's tutelage. She currently has a private stable, Pruyn Stud at Auden Field, in Newtown, Conn. Bettina continues to train horses, using the methods she learned from Mr. Oliveira and is one of the few people recognized by him to carry on his teaching.

Betty Staley

Betty Staley was greatly impacted at her first clinic with Ray Hunt in 1979. She pursued her riding education with Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman. Later, seeing German Olympian Reiner Klimke ride one of his dressage horses fueled Staley’s interest in dressage. Betty is currently riding at Fourth level. She also enjoys ranch roping and working cattle. Learn more: www.bettystaley.com

Bill Riggins

Bill was raised in LaVeta, Colorado, on his parents’ ranch. He day labored for ranchers in the area, rode colts, and rode bareback horses from 1976-1985. In 1986 Bill was hired by T Cross Ranches, Colorado Springs, Colorado, to start their colts. He worked there for 7 1/2 years. Bill met Bruce Nauman during his time at T Cross and they became lifelong friends. In 1994 Bill moved to Las Madres Ranch in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Learn more: www.lasmadresranch.com

Bill Scott

A North Carolina horseman and clinician with an increasingly dedicated following. Descending from a family deeply rooted in the livestock industry, he became an accomplished farrier, with clients around the US and abroad. He was not just successful in his ability to shoe horses, but also in his ability to work quietly and successfully with difficult horses, without ever resorting to excessive restraint or sedation. Learn more: www.billscotthorsemanship.com

Bonnie Brindle

Bonnie Brindle is a psychotherapist, educator, and NARHA-Registered Instructor in private practice in Boulder County, Colo., and chair of NARHA’s Equine Advocacy Committee. She brings Wildlife Imagery Therapies ™ to the general public, as well as anxiety and stress management skills to horse owners, therapeutic riding centers, and corporate team-building groups. She can be reached by email at soulofthewild@msn.com.

Bryan Neubert

Bryan Neubert, the consummate horseman, who carries his skills with horses through his whole life. He travels the country part of the year conducting colt starting, horsemanship and cow working clinics. His videos Wild Horse Handling, Introduction to Rawhide Braiding, and Advanced Rawhide Braiding have recieved much praise. When not on the road, he starts colts and works with problem horses in Alturas, Calif. Learn more: www.bryanneubert.com.

Buck Brannaman

Buck Brannaman is a phenomenal cowboy and clinician travels the country conducting clinics. His skill in the saddle and with a rope is matched only by his ability to teach safe and effective horsemanship to riders of all ability levels. He has authored the books Groundwork and The Faraway Horses, and has produced many horsemanship videos. Learn more: www.brannaman.com

Buster McLaury

A product of the big ranch country in West Texas, Buster McLaury brings a unique perspective into his clinics and demos. Over 40 years around livestock has provided him with a wealth of information, experience, and stories which he readily shares with others. Learn more: www.bustermclaury.com

Carolyn Darley Miller

Carolyn draws from the lineage traditions of oriental and western movement, and links the principles of the internal arts (qi gong and yoga) to the principles of training the riding horse. With a background in dressage, three-day eventing and the racetrack, she has worked since 1988 as an equine and human sports therapist, yoga teacher and horse trainer.

Cary Schwarz

Cary is a saddlemaker from Salmon, Idaho, and founding member of the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association. Cary says that “I believe the best saddles are those that successfully blend function and art.” Learn more: www.caryschwarz.com

Cheryl Kimball

Cheryl has written several horse books, including Mindful Horsemanship and, her latest, The Complete Horse. She is working on her next horse book, How to Get the Most Out of a Horse Clinic, to be published by Carriage House Publishing.

Chuck Stormes

Chuck is an award-winning saddlemaker who spends his free time researching the origins of New World horsemanship. He is a long-time admirer of the California stock horse and is currently writing a biography of master braider Luis Ortega, to be published soon. He is a founding member of the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association. Learn more: www.chuckstormes.com

Clay Wright

Clay Wright starts colts and conducts clinics. He and his wife Carolyn live in Price, Utah. Clay believes that “if we can understand the nature of the horse and use the proper approach with ‘feel’— we will bring contentment to our horses. Contentment brings softness— with softness comes balance. When we discover all this in our horses and ourselves, we will have peak performance and true harmony.”

Darcy Minter

Darcy Minter lives, works and rides in Elko, Nevada, where she is director of communications for the Western Folklife Center and the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. As a horsewoman, she simply strives to learn as much as she can from her horse and human teachers, and is particularly indebted to Clay and Carolyn Wright for challenging her to be the person her horse needs her to be.

Deb Bennett PhD

Dr. Deb's philosophy is based on a belief that horses and humans have potentially equal intelligence. She encourages riders to increase their ability to perceive what the horse is thinking and feeling. Learn more: www.equinestudies.org

Diane Longanecker

Diane has worked with horses for over 40 years. A serious student of the horse, she came to the horse’s-point-of-view approach after 25 years spent showing a variety of breeds. She lives—and writes—in a rustic, two-room log cabin tucked away on a mountain ranch in eastern Washington state.

Donnette Hicks

Donnette Hicks is a horsewoman who bridges her ranch background with nearly two decades of dressage experience. She teaches and works with horses through the Grand Prix level enjoys exchanging ideas with horsemen across the world. As a freelance journalist, she blends her education with poetry, photography and film. Donnette and her husband Jim own Sage Creek Equestrian in Heber City, Utah. For more information go to sagecreekequestrian.com

Doreen Shumpert

Doreen is a fourth generation Colorado native, life-long horsewoman, and holds a degree in Technical Journalism from Colorado State University (CSU). She has competed in multiple English, Western and rodeo events including jumping, dressage, team roping, barrel racing, reining, pleasure events and more. Additionally, she has served as an open, breed and 4-H show judge, 4-H leader, clinician and is a CSU-certified riding instructor

Ellen Eckstein

Ellen Eckstein has brought several horses to the FEI level. She teaches and trains full time. She has her USDF silver and gold medals, by successfully competing through the Grand Prix level. She began working with Tom Dorrnace in 1977, when it became her life goal to combine the principles, ideas she learned from Tom to her dressage philosophy. Learn more: www.ellenecksteindressage.com

Eric Sines

Over the last 40 years his editorial photographs have graced hundreds of national and regional magazine articles. His commercial, assignment and stock images have been used in national advertising campaigns, sales brochures, corporate catalogs, travel guides, calendars, books and websites. Learn more: www.ericsines.com

Gale Nelson

Gale has written and edited technical articles and books for 20 years. A devoted student of the horse, she has spent much of the past decade learning about horsemanship methods that do not involve fear or force. She and her husband run their business—Online Publishing and Programming Solutions (OP2S, Inc.)—out of their home in Washington state, and Gale enjoys riding in the nearby Olympic National Forest.

Gwynn Turnbull Weaver

Gwynn Turnbull Weaver, a Northern California horsewoman, has been immersed in many different equine disciplines. She created and directed The Californios Ranch Roping and Stock Horse Contest in 2000 to give followers of the discipline a place to compete. Gwynn and husband Dave Weaver live outside of Orland, California, and spend their summers traveling the western U.S. conducting ranch roping clinics. Learn more: www.thecalifornios.com

Heather Smith Thomas

Heather Smith Thomas grew up on a ranch near Salmon, Idaho. She is the author of 23 books and thousands of articles on animal health care. Her books include Essential Guide to Calving, Getting Started with Beef & Dairy Cattle. The 4th edition of my book Storey’s Guide to Training Horses was just published with updated info and many new photographs. She and her husband Lynn Thomas have been raising beef cattle and a few horses on their ranch in central Idaho since 1967.

Jack Young

Jack Young has trained and shown, mostly working cow horses. His background includes cowboying in California and Nevada, running his own training stables, judging both English and western events, and running the horse unit at Fresno State. He worked around Ray Hunt in his pre-clinic days for several years. He rides a few outside horses and gives lessons at their home in Winnemucca, Nevada. Learn more: www.jackyoungclinics.com

Jan Young

Jan Young, author of the middle-grade novel, The Orange Slipknot, lives in Winnemucca, Nevada, where she is a writer, tutor, and piano teacher. She and her husband, Jack, give some clinics and lessons and take in a few outside horses. Learn more: www.jackyoungclinics.com

Jec A. Ballou

Jec A. Ballou has trained in Holland, Germany, Portugal, Hawaii, and under the tutelage of Dr. Sherry Ackerman in the tradition of classical riding. Her writing appears regularly in Dressage Today magazine and USDF Connection. She has also contributed to Western Horseman, Chronicle of the Horse, and Practical Horseman. Learn more: www.jecballou.com

Jeff Derby

Jeff’s passion for horses and working livestock began early on his grandparent’s small beef farm in rural Ohio. He got his first horse at age four, and they’ve been a huge part of his life ever since. His initial jobs away from the house were cleaning stalls at nearby horse operations, often in exchange for being able to work horses with the trainers. Learn more: www.derbylivestockcompany.com

Jennifer K. Hancock

Jennifer began writing for AQHA’s The Quarter Horse Racing Journal as a field editor in January 2001. Hancock writes feature stories and covers major races and events for the Journal. Hancock graduated in 1994 from Texas A&M University with bachelor’s degrees in animal science and agricultural journalism.

Jim Overstreet

Jim grew up on a Montana ranch. Horses are a central feature in his life. He started breaking colts at an early age. He has ridden and trained polo ponies, hunters, cutting horses, rope horses and barrel horses. For many years he thought roping calves was what life was all about. He is somewhat reformed now but continues to ride nearly every day and rope occasionally. Learn more: www.jimoverstreet.com

Joe Wolter

Joe is known for his deep understanding of livestock and his thoughtful, good-natured way with animals and people. His techniques are based on practical ranch experience and lessons learned from some of the world’s most renowned horsemen. Learn more: www.joewolter.com

Joyce Harman DVM MRCVS

Joyce Harman, DVM MRCVS practices holistic veterinary medicine in Flint Hill, Virginia. She uses acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, and nutrition to help horses realize their potential, whether they are backyard pleasure horses, trail horses or high-level event horses. Learn more: www.harmanyequine.com

Julie Leiken

Julie Leiken studied and taught dressage in Germany for 10 years before discovering the benefits of Pilates for riders. She currently teaches both riding and Pilates in Boulder, Colorado.

Kara Stewart

Kara L. Stewart has been around horses most of her life, which has thus far been spent in Colorado. Enthralled as a youth with showing her Arabian geldings, both English and Western, in Arabian breed shows, she and Eddie, her beloved Arab, now dabble in classical French dressage and spend more time trail riding than in arenas.

Mandy Jam

Mandy Jam is a Dutch national, nomad, and avid horsemanship student. Her pursuit to learn and better her horsemanship has led her to various countries in Europe and to the United States in 2018 and '19, to study under Mindy Bower. She is currently starting young horses on on Hiiumaa, one of Estonia's biggest islands off the Baltic coast.

Martin Black

Martin Black is a 5th generation Idaho rancher and 4th generation rodeo competitor. He has a lifetime of experience in handling horses, cattle and roping. In his youth there was a strong influence of the California-Spanish style of horsemanship. He has earned money in stock hose events, NRCHA events, rodeo events, and more. His basic philosophy is to “build the horse’s confidence in everything he does. Learn more: www.martinblack.net

Max Gahwyler MD

Max Gahwyler, MD, and his wife Doris came to the U.S. from Switzerland in 1952. Their interest in horsemanship has been shared for over 40 years of marriage. It was through their friendship with the late Hans Handler of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna that the Gahwylers became interested in dressage and convinced of its value as a foundation for all good riding.

Meg Cicciarella

Meg Cicciarella is a freelance journalist who lives and writes in Homer, on Alaska's banana belt, the Kenai Peninsula. Her articles have appeared in local, regional, and national newspapers and magazines.

Melanie Smith Taylor

Melanie lives in Memphis, Tennessee. She raises and trains thoroughbreds for polo, hunter/jumpers and pleasure on her Wildwood Farm in nearby Germantown. Melanie is a former member of the United States Equestrian Team and culminated her career with a team gold medal in show jumping at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. She is a recognized judge for hunter/jumpers, hunt seat equitation and hunter breeding. Learn more: www.taylormadehorsemanship.com

Mindy Bower

Mindy has been working with horses her entire life. She starts colts and helps riders from her ranch in Kiowa, Colorado. She excels at helping horses and riders of all ages and levels be comfortable and safe. Mindy is a dedicated student of horsemanship herself, and is always looking to broaden her horizons of knowledge. Learn more: www.uhohranch.com

Missy Fladland

Missy has several national and regional championship titles and has earned her USDF Bronze and Silver Medals, all on horses that she has trained up the levels herself. In 2004 she was one of the top 15 horse and riders combinations selected for the first ever US National Young Horse Championships and they finished 9th. She was back there again in 2009 in the 6yr old division and finished 11th. In 1998, 2001, and 2012 she had multiple Champion and Reserve Champion placings at the USDF Regional Championships.

Patti Hudson

Patti Hudson grew up riding jumpers at Fort Sam Houston, where the Modern Pentathlon trained. But her family roots were out in west Texas and a few times a year her father would take her there to a friend’s ranch to ride. It fueled a love for cattle, horses and arid, open spaces that eventually led her to eastern Oregon. In mid-70s, she met Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance. Getting to know the two men changed more than her approach to horses; it started her writing career.

Ray Hunt

Ray can be credited as the man who took Tom Dorrance’s teachings on the road, and started the modern trend of the traveling clinician. He has been conducting clinics, helping horses and humans work out a peaceful relationship for over thirty years. He authored Think Harmony with Horses, An In-depth Study of the Horse/Man Relationship , and Cowboy Logic and has produced a colt starting video series. Learn more: www.rayhunt.com

Richard Caldwell

Richard Caldwell believed there was a need to preserve and bring back the true Vaquero methods of horsemanship and horse training. He and his wife Nancy lived in Alturas, California and traveled the country conducting clinics. He enjoyed showing his horses and had an impressive record at National Reined Cow Horse events, The Snaffle Bit Futurity, The Californios Ranch Roping and Stock Horse Contest and other big loop roping events.

Scott Grosskopf

Both Scott and his wife, Staci, have a deep interest in the buckaroo life and all of its aspects. In 1998 they created Buckaroo Businesses, whose purpose is to provide traditional vaquero-like horseman gear at a cost that the working cowboy can afford. Scott is a member of the Northern Range Ranch Roping association headquartered in Montana and he also conducts roping clinics and horsemanship classes. Learn more: buckaroobusinesses.net.

Scott Stokes

Over the years Scott cowboyed in Texas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Nevada and Wyoming. He managed a cow calf operation in Georgia and has used horses in all phases of ranch work and have been working with horses full-time for over 20 years. Learn more: www.sbarjranch.com

Sue Stuska Ed.D.

Sue received her doctorate from Virginia Tech. In addition to teaching equine studies at several colleges and universities, she has worked at various jobs in the equine industry; her current position centers around the wild horse herd on Shackleford Banks, a barrier island in coastal North Carolina.

Sylvana Smith

Sylvana is an active hunter/ jumper/event rider and trainer who competes at USCTA horse trials with her homebred sporthorses, and starts youngsters of all breeds for other owners/ breeders. Sylvana has developed her journalism skills in graduate school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has been a professional journalist and marketing communications writer for 21 years—producing books, brochures, executive speeches, and trade journal articles.

Terry Church

Terry is a dressage instructor in northern California and works with horses and riders of all ages. She was “classically trained” through the FEI levels in the United States and Germany and competes regularly. However, a number of years ago she came to recognize that, in spite of the lofty ideals written throughout every dressage manual, tension continued to be the predominant factor in the actual lives of most horses in training for competition in every discipline.

Tom Moates

Tom is a professional writer driving most of the people in his life nuts as he obsessively tries to get better with horses. His life and writing both took sharp turns, as chronicled in this book, Discovering Natural Horsemanship, and now he is a major figure in equine magazine writing. Learn more: www.tommoates.com

Wendy Murdoch

Wendy Murdoch has ridden since childhood in a variety of disciplines including Hunters, Dressage, Eventing, and Reining. Wendy has been teaching internationally for over 20 years. Her goal is to make riding more enjoyable and fundamentally simple by showing her students how to achieve what great riders do naturally. Learn more: www.murdochmethod.com