Welcome to The Eclectic Classroom

Eclectic Classroom Offers Direct Access to Horsemanship Resources

Join a group of passionate horse people to discuss articles and videos from Eclectic Horseman and The Horseman’s Gazette!

The study of horsemanship is a life-long journey. Sometimes we hit plateaus, sometimes walls in our progress. I’m thrilled to be able to offer some classes on the Eclectic Horseman website that I hope will be helpful to you and me as we work towards our goals.

Sometimes an exercise or a concept needs just a little more explanation or often just articulating the question to a group can help us clarify where we are struggling and need more support. The classroom can be a place of education and fellowship with like-minded people who are as passionate as you are about really understanding and developing as horse people. When we share our stories and allow ourselves to be vulnerable and ask for help great changes will occur.

Our mission at Eclectic Horseman Communications is to be a conduit for the best quality horsemanship instruction and to facilitate learning and access to the most qualified and compassionate resources we are able to connect you with. Through the print magazine, educational videos and now a classroom environment we hope to add another facet of learning that connects you with the help you need to develop your own skills and stay motivated and inspired. I’m excited to see you in class!

How Does it Work?

1. Select a class from the Eclectic Classroom area of the Mercantile. Sign up by purchasing.

2. Your order will contain a link to download the article or video that we will be taking a closer look at in class.

3. If you have any questions ahead of class (or if you know you can’t make the live class) please post them in the Forum; link in class description.

4. The night of the class, join us on Zoom. Your sign up link will be emailed after you’ve signed up. The class will start with a presentation by the author/ horseman/-woman to get us started and then we’ll open up the class for questions. You can turn your camera on (or not) and ask your questions directly or pose them to the class in the chat window.

5. If you can’t make it don’t worry; we’ll miss you but the whole class will be recorded and automatically added to your Mercantile account. So if the topic is of interest but you can’t make the date, sign up anyway so you won’t miss out!

Feedback from Students:

“Class is set up very nicely and very friendly and user friendly. I enjoy your interaction and questions with Dr. Deb. For future classes, whatever Dr. Deb would like to discuss. She is such a wealth of information and knows how to present the information with clarity. She has such good photos and illustrations relevant to the discussion and love that she has incorrect and correct to be able to compare. Also she doesn’t rush from point to point. She has such enthusiasm! Thank you for setting up these classes! Also love that we don’t have to be present, in case something comes up. That you are recording and we can watch later as much as we like.” – Margo Albiani, via email

“I was not able to attend the session on longeing in person and really appreciate the opportunity to watch the recorded version.  Everything was simple to sign up, and I was certainly glad I did.  I am through most of the recording and have thoroughly enjoyed it and found it full of great information.  I really enjoy Deb’s presentations. After listening to your Horse Confirmation in the Eclectic Conversations I bought one of her books.  It was also very nice to have the opportunity to download the article to support the lecture, which was also very easy to do and without any problems.  I tend to approach these with more of a sponge attitude, with the intent to absorb as much as I can.  For that reason I do not tend to have questions in mind, but certainly I will submit any in the future if one comes to mind.  The questions people submitted, particularly Matt’s, was a valuable expansion on the lecture.” – Carol Samuelson, via email

“I don’t know that I had specific expectations but I appreciated the intimacy of the class. It felt pleasantly casual and welcoming. I felt quite comfortable asking questions. The format is very open and encouraging. Both this presentation and Dr Deb’s presentation were practical and ‘go out and use’ material. More of the same would be great.” – Billie Deam, DVM, via email