Over the Horn Exercise with Bryan Neubert

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Issue No. 16 We hear all the time about the little things that make a big difference. Today Bryan Neubert demonstrates one such exercise, using the halter rope and the saddle horn to show a horse how to bend, and have it connect all the way down to his feet […]

Basic Maneuvers with Paul Dietz

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Issue No.16 Paul Dietz has 6 basic maneuvers that he is constantly working on; forward and backward; moving the hindquarters right and left and moving the front quarters right and left. In this segment Paul shows how you can use landmarks, natural or man made to give you a framework […]

Hackamore Exercises with Martin Black

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Issue No. 16 Martin Black demonstrates on a green horse some exercises for riding in a hackamore. Martin outlines why he likes riding in this traditional piece of equipment and points out some of the challenges as well as the benefits. The horse he is riding has had some time […]

Dressage Geometry with Jim Hicks

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Issue No. 16 If you were going to spend your life savings building a house, JIm Hicks points out that of course you would start with a solid foundation. With this in mind Jim introduces us to some basic Dressage terminology and geometry, illustrating movements with a variety of horses […]

Lessons with Ellen Eckstein Part 3 – Katie and Willowby

Excerpt from the Horseman’s Gazette Issue No. 16 If you have ever wondered what an instructor is looking for and wanting out of a horse and rider this is a wonderful opportunity to be in the mind of instructor Ellen Eckstein as she narrates a lesson with one of her students. In this third  part […]

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