Meet Paul Dietz

Paul Dietz is a humble horseman and not “just another” horseman/clinician. Paul’s knowledge of horses is exceptional and he is gifted with communication and teaching skills reaching far beyond the average and into the handful of “top professional” horsemen today. Learn more at Please find lessons from Paul in the following issues of The […]

Meet Martin Black

Martin Black is a 5th generation Idaho rancher and 4th generation rodeo competitor. He has a lifetime of experience in handling horses, cattle and roping. In his youth, there was a strong influence of the California-Spanish style of horsemanship. More at Please find lessons from Martin in the following issues of The Horseman’s Gazette:

Meet Buck Brannaman

Buck Brannaman  a phenomenal cowboy and clinician, has traveled the United States and Australia conducting colt starting, horsemanship, cow working and ranch roping clinics. He has authored the books Groundwork, The Faraway Horses, and Believe, and has produced many educational horsemanship videos. Please find lessons from Buck in the following issues of The Horseman’s Gazette:

Meet Peter Campbell

Peter Campbell traveled North America for over 30 years helping students to learn and understand the mental and physical aspects of the horse. “Horses have no use for clocks; time limits are purely for the benefit of the people” Peter Campbell. Peter passed away unexpectedly, March 22, 2017. Please find lessons from Peter in the […]

Meet Jim Hicks

Jim Hicks is a USEF bronze and silver medalist who has developed multiple FEI-level horses. He uniquely blends the principles of horsemanship with the movements of dressage. Jim is a native of Nevada and currently resides in Heber, Utah. For more information visit Please find lessons from Jim in the following issues of The […]

Meet Lester Buckley

Lester Buckley is a multi-disciplinary international teacher of both horsemanship and the principles of Classical Dressage. He is respected among his peers as one of the most accomplished equestrians and gifted teachers in the business today. Lester was a Light Hands featured clinician. Learn more at Please find lessons from Lester in the following […]

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