EH No.53 May/June 2010

Ray Hunt Tribute Clinic Reports Remembering Ray Hunt – A Tribute to the Legacy of a Legend by Donna Keagle Donna walks us through the events of this historic weekend. (read online) An International Perspective by Gee Wood Gee visits with several tribute clinic attendees from foreign countries. Memories of the Tribute Event by Erin […]

EH No.52 March/April 2010

Spring Checkup by Martin Black (read online) Martin shares some strategies for helping to get your horse with you mentally after a long winter’s break. Using Natural Obstacles with Ty Weber (read online) Ty demonstrates how you can use natural obstacles such as yucca bushes to set up several helpful exercises. How Horses Work – […]

EH No.51 January/February 2010

Flagging From Your Horse by Martin Black (read online) Martin, building on previous articles, discusses the benefits and basics of flagging another horse from your saddle horse. How Horses Work – Installment #1 The Anatomy of the Soft Feel with Deb Bennett, Ph.D. Dr. Deb starts her series on understanding the biomechanics of horsemanship exercises […]

EH No.50 November/December 2009

Thoughts on Using a Flag by Martin Black (read online)  Martin uses his “fire drill” approach when using a flag with an older horse that might need some help or a young horse needing exposure. Winter Projects with Jeff Derby (read online)  When the snow is flying and the ground is icy, instead of missing […]

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