EH No.45 January/February 2009

 Desensitizing by Martin Black (read online) Martin opines on how much too much desensitizing is not a good thing and why being sensitive is important for a horse. Stretching the Rubber Band by Joe Wolter (read online) Joe explores the idea of challenging you and your horse in a working or competition situation to stretch […]

EH No.47 May/June 2009

Ray Hunt Memorial Features Ray Hunt Obituary by Tom Moates  Memorial for Ray Hunt by Lee Smith An account of the memorial service held in Texas for Ray on March 21, 2009. Memories of Ray Hunt (read online)  Photographs and remembrances of Ray. Back at the Beginning by Jim Overstreet Jim remembers his first encounter […]

EH No.46 March/April 2009

Backing Up a Hill Backing Up a Hill by Martin Black (read online) Martin discusses the benefits of this seemingly simple exercise.  Backing a Circle as Turnaround Preparation with Richard Caldwell (read online) Richard shares his thoughts on how backing a circle can help prepare your horse for working cows and turnarounds. Work in Hand […]

EH No.44 November/December 2008

Flight or Fight? Yield or Resist? by Martin Black (read online) Martin explores when a horse will yield and when he will resist depends on whether or not he perceives he has an option. Flexing and the Counter Bend Exercise with Richard Caldwell (read online) Richard guides you through proper flexion in a hackamore and […]

EH No.43 September/October 2008

What is Our Horse Telling Us? by Martin Black (read online)  Martin encourages us to look at the cause of our horse’s head carriage issues, not just the symptoms. Use Your Get Down Rope To Stay Safe with Richard Caldwell (read online)  Richard demonstrates the way to use your get down rope when mounting and […]

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