EH No.36 July/August 2007

Rearing Strategies by Martin Black (read online)   Martin offers strategies and understanding to one of the more unsettling behaviors our horses can exhibit. Serpentines with No Reins with Buck Brannaman (read online)  A simple exercise from Buck Brannaman that will help prepare your horse for the bridle and help him be with you both […]

EH No.35 May/June 2007

Thoughts on Washing Horses by Martin Black (read online) Thinking about introducing your horse to the experience of being washed from his point of view. Wraps on, Wraps off by Diane Longanecker  A roping exercise that develops many skills at once, presented by Buck Brannaman. What’s Natural About It? A conversation with Ellen Eckstein and […]

EH No.34 March/April 2007

Fair Expectations of a New Horse by Martin Black (read online)  Relying on what the horse tells you about his past and his education is probably safer and more fair than believing the classified ad. Power Through the Half-Circle with Buck Brannaman  Take the reaching exercises you have been working on into your half-circle to […]

EH No.33 January/February 2007

Rub the Hair Off ‘Em by Martin Black (read online)  What does your horse think when he’s sees you coming? From Reaching to Turnarounds with Buck Brannaman  Building on last issue’s reaching exercise, Buck demonstrates how to initiate a turnaround from the reaching exercise. The Family Man of Frecker’s Saddles by Doreen Shumpert (read online)  […]

EH No.32 November/December 2006

Riding the Hills by Sue Stuska, Ed.D.  Common mistakes and how they can affect your horse when you are riding up and down hills. The 4-bar-J by Tom Moates  A thoughtful essay about the history and the influence of great horsemen on the present. The Unforgettable by Bryan Neubert (read online)  Bryan reflects on what […]

EH No.31 September/October 2006

The Reaching Exercise with Buck Brannaman (read online) This exercise helps you develop a clear feeling for your horse’s feet. Develop timing and the ability to direct clearly. Some Horses in My Life by Bryan Neuber (read online)  Bryan shares the experiences he’s had with “wearing out the buck” in colts who develop the pattern […]

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