EH No.18 July/August 2004

The Californios Ranch Roping and Stock Horse Contest 2004 Results  Step Back to Get Ahead by Sylvana Smith  In the first installment of this three-part series with Bill Scott, Sylvana introduces backing on the ground. Safely Prepare Your Horse for Roping and Cow Work with Mike and Deanie Hosker Part 3 by Gale Nelson Understand […]

EH No.17 May/June 2004

Protect Your Space by Martin Black (read online)  Martin offers advice on having your horse comfortable with you without being pushy. A Little Support Well-Timed by Diane Longanecker  A few basic tools to keep your horse supported while working on trouble spots. Some Thoughts on the Hackamore by Gwynn Turnbull Weaver  Gwynn explores the tradition and […]

EH No.16 March/April 2004

Safely Prepare Your Horse for Roping and Cow Work with Mike and Deanie Hosker by Gale Nelson  Part one of a four-part on rope handling skills. Words of Wisdom from Ray Hunt (read online)  At a recent demonstration Ray offered some timeless words of wisdom. Rider Self-Carriage by Wendy Murdoch  Wendy again uses her X-ray […]

EH No.15 January/February 2004

Build the Cow in the Cow Horse by Martin Black (read online) Martin offers suggestions for educating a well-rounded cow horse. Don’t Mislead Your Horse with Buck Brannaman  Buck demonstrates how to get your horse “hooked on” to you while leading. The Horses of the Californios by R.F. Prudente   A unique opportunity to purchase an […]

EH No.14 November/December 2003

Saddling Your Horse with Buck Brannaman  Buck shows you how to safely saddle your horse and have a smooth presentation. Putting the Arc in Backed Circles by Diane Longanecker  Diane guides you through this very helpful, if sometimes confusing, exercise. Open the Gate by Martin Black (read online) Martin offers advice on how to help […]

EH No.13 September/October 2003

Tom Dorrance- More Than a Horseman by Jim Overstreet (read 0nline)  Jim shares how Tom Dorrance influenced both him and others in deeply personal ways while working with them and their horses. A Memorial for Tom Dorrance by Kristi Fredrickson  On June 29, 2003, friends, family, and admirers gathered in Carmel Valley, Calif., to celebrate […]

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