EH No.98 November/December 2017

Roundtable – Staying in the Saddle by Tom Moates Riding is not just for the young! Tom interviews clinicians and older riders about the challenges of teaching and being a senior rider. Bogus Ideas in Horsemanship – No.2: Bigger Is Better by Deb Bennett, Ph.D. Dr. Deb explores the trend of extra large horses and what […]

EH No.97 September/October 2017

Brannaman Pro-Am and Fusion 2017 by Tom Moates What’s new and exciting for this beloved annual event? Room to Roam – Space and Pressure by Steve Harris Understanding how a hackamore functions is essential for being able to use it properly and effectively. Moving the Forehand – Are you putting a brace in your horse? by […]

EH No.94 March/April 2017

Introducing Haunches In: The First Steps Toward a Bend by Diane Longanecker Buck Brannaman demonstrates how he would introduce the challenging concept of moving into a bend to his horse. Right Nostril First by Martin Black Haltering a horse might seem like the simplest of tasks; however, Martin has observed that many horses are troubled […]

EH No.93 January/February 2017

Back to the Beginning by Patti Hudson The 7th annual Legacy of Legends Gathering will honor Ray Hunt’s Colt Starting techniques with an invitational colt starting class. Not “Just Getting By”: Mastery and Why Few People Achieve It by Deb Bennett Ph.D. The new year is a great time for self-reflection and Dr. Deb explores the […]

EH No.92 November/December 2016

Lateral Work – Round Table with Buck Brannaman, Melanie Taylor, Ellen Eckstein and Jim Hicks by Tom Moates Learn how and why lateral work is important for you and your horse from four extremely talented horsemen and -women. Comfort is Just a Few Inches Away with Chris Sobenes Novice riders often struggle with the flexibility […]

EH No.90 July/August 2016

The Mystery of the “Two Rein” The Philosophy Behind the Practice by Gwynn Turnbull Weaver Learn about the stage of traditional education that bridges the gap between hackamore and bridle. Not Just About Roping by Kristi Fredrickson Kristi Fredrickson demonstrates how to check your horse out from the fence with a rope. Exposing your horse […]

EH No.89 May/June 2016

The Six Progressions: An Introduction to the Half-Circle/Teardrop Exercise by Diane Longanecker A series of exercises that teach a multitude of helpful things; from flexion, to timing, to lead changes. Creating a Musical Freestyle by Jim Hicks Jim explores the value of creating a musical freestyle; you can experience the joy of dancing with a […]