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Buck Brannaman Groundwork Set


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Groundwork Book (hardcover, photos, 91 pgs.)
Written by Buck Brannaman, this is the first book in his long awaited book series. Groundwork takes you step-by-step, starting your colt from the ground. With Buck’s common sense advice and over 90 photographs illustrating his techniques, this is surely a primer for anyone interested in learning the fine art of groundwork. Some chapter titles include “Lass Rope Work,” “Changing Eyes,” “Roping a Hind Foot,” and “Horse Roping,” among others. This book can be referred to over and over, and can go anywhere with you. Keep a copy in your truck and also next to your bed.

Groundwork DVD
In the tradition of fine horsemanship, Buck Brannaman presents Groundwork, a step-by-step demonstration to help you with your colt from halter to saddle. Working only from the ground, Buck touches on halter work, leading, mannering, longeing, driving, and saddling always with you and your horse’s safety in mind.


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