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We are not available on magazine stands!

Did you know over 90% of what you see on magazine racks at the grocery store don’t even sell and are then tossed in a landfill? We learned this when we tried selling on the stands early on and we quickly scrapped the idea because we couldn’t get the un-sold issues back since there’s always been a demand for our back issues; most of our customers save every issue for their personal horsemanship reference libraries. We just don’t see the point in wasting them.

If you need to hold the magazine in your hand to make a decision on whether or not to subscribe? Then we are happy to send you a free sample upon your request. If it’s not for you? Don’t just toss it in the trash! Take it the nearest barn. Leave it in the lobby of your vet. Or pass it on to one of your friends who loves horses.

We also offer retail discounts to small local feed and agricultural supply stores, so if you own  your own shop or have a local store in your area that you frequent and you think we might be a good fit? Please contact us for further information.

A Few Articles That Characterize Eclectic Horseman Magazine

In fairness to our paid subscribers, we do not post all our features or articles on this site. What we have made available here is just a sample of what you will get when you subscribe to our magazine. Back issues are available for purchase, and check the mercantile for availability. Check out the current table of contents and to a list of all EH back issues, as they are listed in the Mercantile.