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In this issue:

Thoughts for Handling foals with Sean Sowa 
Handling young horses can be intimidating. Sean offers some suggestions of things you can do to help create a good foundation.

The Law of Inner and Outer Linkage by Deb Bennett, Ph.D. 
Explore the concept of Natural Law as it applies to horses – truths that universally apply to all horses at all times and what these truths can help us understand.

Remembering Oreana Clinic 1975 by Milly Hunt Porter 
An early Ray Hunt clinic for an Idaho 4-H club, and some great students whose names you will recognize today.

Common Problems by Martin Black 
Martin offers suggestions to trailering, mounting and bridling problems.

Mule Talk Part 1 with Brad Cameron and Tom Moates 
In the first of our three-part series Tom and Brad visit about some differences between horses and mules and about about some specific training issues with a mule that Tom has been working with.

Ride From Within – James Shaw’s Equestrian Program by Michelle Guerrero
Meet James Shaw and learn about how his Equestrian Program, teaches balance, strength and connection.

Hidden Harmony with bit and spur maker Wilson Capron by A.J. Mangum
According to bit and spur maker Wilson Capron, the secret to effective design lies in a ratio that’s all around us.

Dave Stamey’s “Western Stories” by Tom Moates
Our favorite western troubador visits about his latest offering due out this fall.



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