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Eclectic Horseman Magazine Issue #29
May/June 2006

A Soft Feel and a Useful Horse by Martin Black
Martin reminds us that a soft feel is about more than a head position. It should connect all the way down to our horses’ feet.

Pas de Deux With a Cow by Sylvana Smith
Think working cows is just for cowboys? Sylvana highlights the benifits for the dressage horse as well.

East Goes West by Cheryl Kimball
A group of “Easterners” heads to Texas to ride with Joe Wolter at his ranch.

Why Ride Circles? by Wendy Murdoch
Riding circles forms the beginning of lateral bending. Wendy examines why it’s so difficult to ride a perfect circle.

Equibalance Pilates for Riders: Part 7 Shoulders Revisited with Julie Leiken
A series of exercises to strengthen and sculpt your shoulders and arms.

Visual Comparison of Baucherist and Traditional 18th Century Balance in the Piaffe by Bettina Drummond
Bettina examines the subtle nuances between these two schools of training.

Teaching Feel by Darcy Minter
Clay Wright helps people attain natural communication with their horse’s through his clinics.

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