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Wendy Murdoch Ride Like A Natural® Series

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Part 1. Sitting Right on Your Horse

In this DVD Wendy shows you why it is important to sit in line with gravity and how to find this solid, safe position.

Part 2. Timing it Right on Your Horse

When you are in good alignment you will have the potential to communicate clearly with your horse. In Part 2 Wendy shows you how to time your aides within the horse’s movement to minimize your aids and maximize your horse’s responsiveness.

Part 3. Get on the Equiball® with Wendy Murdoch
In Part 3 Wendy shows you exercises you can do on off the horse to improve your riding on the horse. These lessons are tailored to specific movements and positions on the horse.

2 reviews for Wendy Murdoch Ride Like A Natural® Series

  1. Lucy Maynard

    Wendy has a gift of explaining the bio mechanics of a great seat and how the rider can use hers to the benefit of the riding. I go back and forth using my seat effectively. Her DVD is an escellent resource.

  2. suz_shop (verified owner)

    Wendy is excellent at explaining the physics of a good seat and how the human musculo-skeletal framework interacts with the horse.
    Previously I struggled with finding a good, balanced, relaxed position that would move with a horse properly. These DVDs have helped me self-coach to get there (I’ve also been fortunate enough to ride with Wendy once). She provides good “self-checks” to help you correctly identify and feel when you are getting that independent seat.

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