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Marty Marten Problem Solving 1 & 2

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Save 10% when you order Marty Marten’s fabulous books together!
A great resource for riders at every level!

Problem Solving
This book includes some of the most common problems people consistently seem to have with their horses. Marty provides you with ideas and suggestions on how to develop a plan to solve the problems you struggle with yourself to build a willing partnership with your horse!

In this book, Marty covers:

* Groundwork
* Riding Foundation
* Trailer-loading
* Hard-to-catch
* Barn Sour
* Spooking
* Crossing Water and Bridges
* Herd-bound
* Pulls Back when Tied

(softcover, photos, illustrations, 247 pgs.)

Problem Solving 2
This book begins where Problem-Solving Vol. 1 left off. Although it covers specific problems not addressed in the first book, you’ll definitely notice a common thread between the two. For example, the principles of feel, timing and balance are the same throughout both books. Those principles -making the right thing easy and the wrong thing difficult, adjusting to fit the situation and the relationship between pressure and the timing of the release – are fundamental in the approach to solving any problem.

Marty will help you develop a willing partnership with your horse!

This book covers:

* Halter-braking Problems
* Hoof- and Leg-handling Problems
* Cinchy and Difficult-to-saddle Horses
* Mounting Problems
* Head-shy, Ear-shy, Hard-to-bridle Horses
* Problems Riding One-handed, Neck-reining
* Trail-riding Problems and Distractions
* Good Trail-riding Habits and Techniques
* Develop Trust and Confidence through Cattle Work
* Make Every Ride an Adventure

(softcover 230 pages, photographs)

2 reviews for Marty Marten Problem Solving 1 & 2

  1. wendyberry

    I purchased both of these books on the recommendation of a horseman who introduced me to a “different” way of interacting with horses, grounded in the teachings of Ray Hunt.
    Marty Marten provides clear and thoughtful explanations, which includes diagrams and pictures, that definitely helped me when I was restarting my journey to develop a willing partnership with my horses.

  2. Frank Meyer

    This books are very helpful to me, as an unexperienced rider with a young horse. But I think it will be also helpful to more experienced riders as well.
    The books are well structured and the suggested exercises are very good explained, some with good drawings.
    Not all tips are easy to apply, when you are living in an area, where you will not have such a lot of space, like I do (switzerland).

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