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Western Saddles How to Fit: Pain-Free by Joyce Harman, DVM

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Available in DVD format only.

It has been said that all a cowboy needs in life is a horse and his saddle. Even more important, perhaps, is that his saddle fits his horse well. In this DVD, Dr. Joyce Harman, veterinarian and renowned saddle-fitting expert, advises that good saddle fit is not determined by style, brand, or price, but by construction, condition, and proper fit. She also explains how a horse will indeed cut more efficiently, lope more consistently, travel farther, and remain sound longer when his saddle accommodates his conformation and allows his back to function correctly.

The DVD covers:
• Why saddle fit matters to both horse and rider
• Western saddle evaluation, off and on the horse
• Ensuring the saddle fits the rider
• The proper use of saddle pads
• Accommodating conformational challenges

Dr. Joyce Harman, a graduate of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, has appeared as a guest speaker on the topic of saddle fitting at numerous equine expositions in the USA, England, and Germany. Dr. Harman owns and operates Harmany Equine Clinic, a holistic veterinary practice, in Washington, Virginia.

45 minutes

2 reviews for Western Saddles How to Fit: Pain-Free by Joyce Harman, DVM

  1. debbieklein78 (verified owner)

    I have spent years being intimidated by saddle fit issues and came dangerously close to buying saddles that just won’t work for my horse. After watching this video several times I have so much more knowledge and feel armed with the right tools to make a solid decision when evaluating saddles and saddle pads. The information was well presented, the variety of saddles helped as well as the variety of horses used to demonstrate fit issues. I especially liked the hands on explanations of horse anatomy and performance under different saddle fits.

  2. driveabuggy

    A MUST read for anyone putting a western saddle on a horse. Well worth the cost to insure the horses well being and comfort.
    This is an easy to understand book with excellent images and descriptions, clear explanations and diagrams along with photos of horses with and without tack on. This book is written by the world renowned expert on saddle fit. You will learn how to tell if your saddle fits, and how to improve saddles that almost fit.

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