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Beginning Vaquero Style Roping with Jeff Sanders


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This video will cover all the basics to get you ready for your first branding, ranch horse competition or just some fun practicing with your friends.

The video will cover:

How to choose and build the right roping dummy
Choosing the right rope
Parts of the rope and how to build a loop
Proper swing and delivery of basic loops for heading and heeling
Body position of the roper during swing and delivery
Horse position for catches on the right and left side of cattle
How to properly arrange your reins and coils
How to correctly dally
Dally drills to help you keep all your fingers
and much more

About Jeff Sanders:
Jeff had the good fortune of growing up on horseback in the center of original Vaquero country. His parents were two of the nation’s top trainers both in open competition and in the American Paint Horse Association (APHA). Spending his youth gathering and branding cattle on some of the old California Spanish land grant ranches gave Jeff a deep appreciation for Vaquero tradition and the Vaquero way of life.

Jeff has worked roping, gathering, branding and doctoring cattle on some of the biggest ranches in California, Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada. This practical experience along with his extensive competition background has all come together to help shape his training programs. Using traditional Vaquero training methods was not something Jeff had to seek out and learn later in life. Jeff grew up using Vaquero training methods and living Vaquero traditions. For Jeff it has always just been the way things are done.

Jeff remembers old time Vaquero legends like Arnold Rojas coming to his parents horse training facility to talk about horses and horsemanship. He remembers riding the same trails as the original Vaqueros and is dedicated to keeping the Vaquero traditions alive.


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