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Ride Like a Natural Part 3: Get on the Equiball


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Available in DVD format only.

Simplify Your Riding© Ride Like a Natural
In these DVDs you will learn how to do what great riders do naturally. Wendy Murdoch leads you through a series of exercises that will make positive changes to your riding and your horse’s performance. Improve your communication, comfort and partnership with your horse in minutes not lifetimes.

Part 3. Get on the Equiball with Wendy Murdoch

In Part 3 Wendy shows you exercises you can do on off the horse to improve your riding on the horse. These lessons are tailored to specific movements and positions on the horse.

Lessons include:
Finding a solid rider position for all disciplines
Following the horse’s walk and trot
Opening your hips without pain
How to lengthen your horse’s stride
Find a good jumping position
Sitting to the canter


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