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Centered Riding DVD 2 with Sally Swift

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Available in DVD format only.

A rider’s classic. Sally Swift explains her innovative riding techniques and focuses on using total body awareness to improve the center of gravity and balance. Riders from intermediate to advanced will enjoy her original and creative imagery, which is the heart of this book’s continuing popularity

In this volume, Sally Swift applies her techniques to the sitting trot, circles, canter, lateral work, and jumping.

2 reviews for Centered Riding DVD 2 with Sally Swift

  1. megan

    I have loved Center Riding for a long time! Sally Swift offers such great images that stick in your head and can be recalled easily when in the saddle and helpfully remind you to soften and lengthen our bodies. This is a book I keep handy for myself and I often recommend others read. A definite must-have for one’s collection!

  2. Erin Danzer

    This is an excellent book to learn how to develop a secure, and effective seat. The written descriptions, and drawings do a great job of getting key points across in a way that is understandable for readers of all ages. I originally read this book as a youth rider, 30+ years ago. I still refer to it.

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