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5-Minute Jumping Fixes DVD from Wendy Murdoch

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Order your copy now and make real improvements to your riding. Better balance in the saddle, improved body control from head to toe, and increased influence with your seat are just a handful of the simple fixes extensively covered by Wendy in this DVD. 

Most of the suggestions provided within require only a few minutes to learn and offer solutions for making jumping more enjoyable for both riders and their horses. 

By starting and ending each ride with these simple, easy, and effective fixes, equestrians will happily and efficiently replace old habits with new ones and get out of their riding rut.

2 reviews for 5-Minute Jumping Fixes DVD from Wendy Murdoch

  1. klemasters2309

    Wendy Murdoch is a talented instructor. This DVD is a good compliment to her 5 minute fix books. I would suggest getting both, as that really helped me understand what was going on.

  2. lisacapaldini

    You’ll want to get both 5 minute fixes DVD’s, even if you don’t jump, because many of the posture strategies discussed in the jumping DVD are very useful for general equitation. I watch these over and over, as each time I pick up something new. But what’s most fun about these as that it is very easy to go from watching the DVD and practicing it on your horse — that is, Wendy explains things with words, metaphors, and models in a way that works for all types of learners. Something as simple as looking away from the direction you are going on a turn – which is counterintuitive- can undo years of collapsing your inside ribs. You will learn straightforward fixes that will improve your riding and make your horse grateful, too!

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