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5-Minute Fixes DVD from Wendy Murdoch

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It’s here! If you liked Wendy Murdoch’s book “50 5-Minute Fixes to Improve Your Riding,” you’ll love the DVD! 

In the DVD, Wendy takes a few of the exercises covered in the book and goes into much greater detail. Grab a friend and work through these exercises yourself!

3 reviews for 5-Minute Fixes DVD from Wendy Murdoch

  1. driveabuggy

    Wendy uses great visualizations and clear explanations in a welcoming style. No matter what discipline you ride, you will find some useful exercises. Its easy to jump around to the fixes as you need to, and review others that may end up helping you where you dint know you needed help!

  2. marika.saarinen

    The horse is your mirror, so make sure he likes the reflection! Wendy Murdoch offers practical, easy fixes for your riding. Even if you think you are doing something correctly, these tips are a great way to make sure you really are! There are so many mind-body connections, and they are easily fixable. If your coach/instructor has been telling you to do something and no matter how hard you TRY, you just can’t DO, then Wendy will show you how to actually be successful. It’s easy to take a couple of the fixes and practice them each ride.

  3. lisacapaldini

    You’ll want to get both 5 minute fixes DVD’s, even if you don’t jump, because many of the posture strategies discussed in the jumping DVD are very useful for general equitation. I watch these over and over, as each time I pick up something new. But what’s most fun about these as that it is very easy to go from watching the DVD and practicing it on your horse — that is, Wendy explains things with words, metaphors, and models in a way that works for all types of learners. Something as simple as looking away from the direction you are going on a turn – which is counterintuitive- can undo years of collapsing your inside ribs. You will learn straightforward fixes that will improve your riding and make your horse grateful, too!

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