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Cinch Making 101 – Tied 17 Strand with Darin Alexander

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Learn the ropes of quality tied cinch making!  This DVD remains among our top sellers, appreciated by all skill levels from beginners to those who have been making cinches for years. This DVD is the first-ever How-To video for cinch making to hit the market. Darin’s principle based instruction provides insights from experience gained while working his great-uncles ranch in Wyoming and discoveries made while training individuals and factory workers since the 1980’s.  

In this DVD, Darin Alexander has gone beyond just showing you the basics of making a cinch. You learn the reasons behind certain techniques as well as learning foundational considerations of fibers, yarns, and cords with special attention given to buckle and ring style options. Three methods of securing the center D-rings are presented along with demonstrating both right and left-hand methods for some parts of the cinch.

Running time is Approximately 120 minutes. 

Fair-market retail price for the real mohair cinch, as shown on the DVD cover, would be $195.00 or more.

Here is what folks from around the world are saying about the DVD:

  • “Love the DVD. You make it look simple. Am clearing a space at home where I can put my cinch loom…” Margy – Australia (Saddle Makers Assistant)
  • “DVD is great, clear and pricise,shipping method was good I got it in about 4 days so that was fine…” Bruce – New Zealand
  • “Managed to watch some of DVD this morning – Up to the end of attaching the dees. Music is great, explanation and viewing is good also. I like the way there are slight differences shown for the left and right hand sides. A couple of things that I had to watch carefully one way were very easy to follow and understand the other way. I think you have covered lots of observation / learning styles.” Debra – Australia (Also a cinch-maker and saddler’s assistant for many years)
  • “The DVD looks great! Clear and easy to understand. Thanx” Pete Gorrell – Colorado, USA (Saddle Maker)

Proceeds from authorized sales of our DVDs provide for our public education endeavors and ongoing research in collaboration with local non-profit organizations and several Equine researchers. These efforts are a benefit to all cinch and saddle makers… after, all, the more consumers learn about the long-term comfort and health of natural fiber cord cinches for minimizing/avoiding problems, the more enjoyable and frequent their rides which equals a willingness to spend added $$ on their Equine companions.

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1 review for Cinch Making 101 – Tied 17 Strand with Darin Alexander

  1. Betsy Bierman

    Cinch Making 101 is a great way to learn to create your own mohair cinches. The video is easy and straightforward to follow and provides wonderful instruction to get you started. Highly recommend!

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