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The Horseman’s Gazette – Issue No.25 – Winter 2015

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In this issue you will learn:   How to help your horse help you to mount,  how to halter and bridle your horse correctly,  how to help your horse lead up from horseback,  groundwork for kids,  and how to prepare to canter.  Brimming with high quality instruction this DVD is like having some of  the most talented horsemen today hold a private clinic for you and your horses.

• Bracing to Mount with Martin Black 4:50
There are several ways to safely mount a horse. Martin Black shows how you can help prepare your horse to get ready to help you get on by teaching him how to brace against your weight as you step up into the saddle.

• Correct Haltering with Buster McLaury 8:45
Problems haltering and birding horses can usually be traced back to human error. Buster McLaury shows you how to properly halter and bridle your horse so that you can be smooth, efficient, and correct.

• Leading Up Horseback with Bryan Neubert 20:35
If you have a horse that is a bit draggy when you lead him, you can use a saddle horse to help bring the life up in his feet. Bryan Neubert demonstrates how, with the help of a saddle horse and good timing, you can develop your horse’s feel and awareness of getting ready to leave. and leaving with life when you ask him to lead up.

• Groundwork Simplified for Kids (and adults) Part 2 with Johanna Redmond 34:23
Once again Johanna Redmond shows us just how fun groundwork can be. Along with her young students learn some helpful pre-ride exercises to help your groundwork and prepare your horse to be ridden.

• Prepare to Canter Exercises Part #2 with Trevor Carter 16:49
For some riders the transition to the canter or lope can be a terrifying one. Even if the horse behaves perfectly the speed and new motion can be intimidating. Trevor Carter again shows you some ways that you can set up the transition so that you can build both physical and emotional confidence in the transition.

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