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The Horseman’s Gazette – Issues No.33-36


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The Horseman’s Gazette is a quarterly video-series available on DVD. Save when you buy the second four DVDs together. Stories focus on training and instructional pieces as well as philosophical video essays, and profiles of gear makers, artists and musicians. So come along for the ride!

The Horseman’s Gazette Issue No.33 – Winter 2017
Riding with the Garrocha with Alice Trindle (34:13)
The Leg Yield with Jim Hicks (20:08)
Tying up the Snaffle Bit with Paul Dietz (7:43)
Dragging a Log with Trevor Carter (50:42)
Proper Turnaround Position with Wendy Murdoch (13:11)

The Horseman’s Gazette – Issue No.34– Spring 2018
Suppling Exercises with Alice Trindle 25:46
Re-Schooling A Troubled Horse with Jim Hicks 1:02:51
Beginning Groundwork with Jeff O’Haco 35:42
Getting to Know a New Horse with Lester Buckley 48:05

The Horseman’s Gazette – Issue No.35– Summer 2018
Warm Up In-Hand with Alice Trindle 20:57
Riding the Half-Pass with Jim Hicks 20:22
Good Leading with Jeff O’Haco 21:20
Riding a New Horse with Lester Buckley 1:02:43

The Horseman’s Gazette – Issue No.36– Fall 2018
A Herdbound Exercise with Joe Wolter 17:57
Basic Lateral Movement with Trevor Carter 37:01
From Groundwork to Riding with Jeff O’Haco 42:58
Saddling Tips and Groundwork with Lee Smith 38:05