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The Horseman’s Gazette – Issues No.17-20


Product Description

The Horseman’s Gazette is a quarterly video-series available on DVD. Save when you buy the fifth year of DVDs together. Stories focus on training and instructional pieces as well as philosophical video essays, and profiles of gear makers, artists and musicians. So come along for the ride, you and your horse will be glad that you did!

Issue No.17 – Winter 2013
• Four Methods of Moving The Hindquarters with Buck Brannaman
• Tying Up your Mecate to Go For A Ride with Bryan Neubert
• Getting A Horse to Move Out a LIttle Better with Paul Dietz
• Warm Up for the Branding with an Imaginary Cow with Scott Grosskopf
• Leg Yield Series Part 1: the Walk with Wendy Murdoch

Issue No.18 – Spring 2014
• Killing Your Horse’s Appetite with Bryan Neubert
• Trailer Loading with Lee Smith
• Changing Directions with Paul Dietz
• Setting Up Shots with a Friend with Scott Grosskopf
• Leg Yield Series Part 2: the Trot with Wendy Murdoch

Issue No.19 – Summer 2014
• Some Helpful Mecate Tips with Bryan Neubert
• Helping an Unsure Horse with Trevor Carter
• Preparing a Horse with the Clippers with Lee Smith
• Leg Yield Series Part 3: the Canter with Wendy Murdoch

Issue No.20 – Fall 2014
• Groundwork Basics with Paul Dietz
• Preparing to Pony with Trevor Carter
• Leg Yield Series Part 4: the Zig Zag with Wendy Murdoch
• Riding a Green Colt with Peter Campbell


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