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The Horseman’s Gazette – Issues No.29-32

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Product Description

The Horseman’s Gazette is a quarterly video-series available on DVD. Save when you buy the eighth year of DVDs together. Stories focus on training and instructional pieces as well as philosophical video essays, and profiles of gear makers, artists and musicians. So come along for the ride, you and your horse will be glad that you did!

HG #29
Teaching Turnarounds – Beginning and More Advanced with Bryan Neubert 25:16
How your Weight Influences How Your Horse Moves with Martin Black 8:40
Introducing the Haunches-In with Jim Hicks 35:55
Fantasy Cow Work with Kristi Fredrickson 20:18
Hindquarters-Frontquarters Exercise Tom Curtin 10:52

Leading Up on Foot with Bryan Neubert (6:59)
Horse Evaluation with Alice Trindle (36:06)
Improving Lead Changes with Jim Hicks (26:27)
Using the Mirror after an Injury with Wendy Murdoch (7:17)
Roping and Branding Tips with Dwight Hill (38:33)

Improving the Canter Pirouette with Jim Hicks 21:56
Basic Exercises Over Poles with Johanna Redmond 43:30
Releasing Rider Tension with Wendy Murdoch 24:51
Riding Outside with Paul Dietz 31:57

Introduction to the Garrocha 28:17
Lateral Groundwork with Jim Hicks 30:43
The Circle Exercise with Johanna Redmond 14:39
Releasing Rider Tension Part 2 with Wendy Murdoch 15:43


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