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The Horseman’s Gazette – Issues No.25-28


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The Horseman’s Gazette is a quarterly video-series available on DVD. Save when you buy the seventh year of DVDs together. Stories focus on training and instructional pieces as well as philosophical video essays, and profiles of gear makers, artists and musicians. So come along for the ride, you and your horse will be glad that you did!

HG #25
Bracing to Mount with Martin Black 4:50
Correct Haltering with Buster McLaury 8:45
Leading Up Horseback with Bryan Neubert 20:35
Groundwork Simplified for Kids (and adults) Part 2 with Johanna Redmond 34:23
Prepare to Canter Exercises Part #2 with Trevor Carter 16:49

Pivoting Exercise with Martin Black running time 16:21
Serpentine Back Exercise with Kristi Fredrickson running time 16:00
Cow-less Cow Work with Paul Dietz running time 10:10
Leading & Catching for the First Time with Bryan Neubert running time 1:16:00

Warm Up Exercise with Martin Black  16:32
Softness in Horses with Tom Curtin  11:56
Some Approaches to Backing with Bryan Neubert 34:09
Relaxed and Supple – From the Ground with Alice Trindle 24:45
Tarp Exposure with Kristi Fredrickson 10:06

Relaxed & Supple – Exercises In the Saddle with Alice Trindle 39:47
Teaching the Novice Rider with Chris Sobenes 59:14
Riding the Shoulder In with Jim Hicks 38:10
Trot Past Exercise with Kristi Fredrickson 10:32
Serpentines Tom Curtin 8:42


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