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The Horseman’s Gazette – Issue No.26 – Spring 2016

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Pivoting Exercise with Martin Black running time 16:21 
Being able to feel of our horses and make decisions about what and when to ask for movements can be challenging for us all. Martin Black has watched a lot of riders struggle with knowing where their horses weight is and what direction the horse is moving. In this simple exercise Martin demonstrates how you can develop your own feel of how your horse is moving so you can learn to time your aids and perform maneuvers efficiently without relying on outside help.

Serpentine Back Exercise with Kristi Fredrickson running time 16:00
Trail riding can be challenging and stretch your comfort zone; being prepared before you head out is key to having an enjoyable ride. In the next few Gazettes Kristi Fredrickson will be presenting some exercises to help riders prepare in the arena for the challenges of riding out on the trail. In this segment her students use a serpentine exercise to help horses build confidence in passing one another, and being in different positions within the group.

Cow-less Cow Work with Paul Dietz running time 10:10
Want to practice your cow working skills but don’t have any cattle to work? Paul Dietz shows you how to set up a simple exercise to practice with the help of a friend, horseback or on the ground. Help your horse learn to “hook on” to a moving target and get timed up in his turns. A fun way to improve your timing and your horse’s skills.

Leading & Catching for the First Time with Bryan Neubert running time 1:16:00 
Handing a young horse can be intimidating; you won’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Bryan Neubert demonstrates some techniques for catching and haltering a filly. He works first with the mother in the pen and helps the filly learn to find comfort away from her mother. Then he introduces her to the halter and prepares her for the rest of her life; learning to be caught, simulating being saddled, and developing confidence in the human. Helpful especially if you only have one young horse to work at time.

The Horseman’s Gazette is a quarterly video-series and complement to our print magazine, The Eclectic Horseman. Watch the familiar faces from its pages, listen to their voices, and witness their expertise with your own eyes and ears. We’ll also introduce you to new horsemen and -women who are out in the world working for the horse, educating riders to a deeper understanding and respect for ways of working with horses that work with their nature, not in spite of it. Chock-full of information for all students of horsemanship, it is your seat on the fence to how the best trainers in the business work with their horses and their students. Using the technology in a way you can view the table of contents and “flip” to whatever story grabs your interest to study, we’ll give you several hours of solid instructional material as well as thought-provoking insights to keep you busy until the next issue.

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