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Three Masters, Three Legends

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Three Masters, Three Legends Part 1-3 – George Morris, Buck Brannaman & Rodney Jenkins – 6 disc set
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How are these men alike? . . . “What these three horsemen have is truly special. They have a concentration – an intense focus on the horse and/or student that is unique – and they expect that back from us. There is a power of observation that’s beyond most of us.” – Melanie Smith Taylor

November . . . a crisp winter weekend at the Buffalo Therapeutic Riding Center . . . and a once-in-a-lifetime summit meeting of the greatest minds in horsemanship: Rodney Jenkins, Buck Brannaman and George Morris.

You are front-row-center for all the action, insights and inspiration in this exclusive 3-part DVD series, Three Masters, Three Legends. See the intense focus, rigorous concentration and amazing timing that have made these men the masters of their craft. Learn their secret ways of detecting the smallest changes in a horse’s behavior. Experience their unique methods of establishing a wonderful, humane bond with the world’s most beautiful animal.

Part 1 includes:

• Starting a Horse: Parts 1 & 2 (Buck Brannaman)
• Conformation Clinic (Rodney Jenkins)
• Reprogramming the Spoiled Horse (Buck Brannaman)
• Riding Fundamentals (George Morris)
120 mins.

Part 2 includes:

• Starting Over: The Problem Horse (Buck Brannaman)
• Riding Fundamentals Intermediate Level (George Morris)
• The Hack Class (Rodney Jenkins)
• Starting a Horse: Part 4 (Buck Brannaman)
120 mins

Part 3 includes:

• Hunters over Fences (Rodney Jenkins)
• Starting a Horse: Parts 5 & 6 (Buck Brannaman)
• Advanced Fundamentals: Jumpers (George Morris)
120 mins..

2 reviews for Three Masters, Three Legends

  1. chelsea.marko

    Recommend for every horseman’s library! A great opportunity to learn from three of the best out there, as well as a chance to see each concept from three different views points.

  2. giuqsmaet (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Well worth every penny, love it. Will refer to this again and again. Packed full of information for every discipline. Highly recommend.

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