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Ridin’ Out with Jon Ensign


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In this DVD Jon Will Teach You:

• How to catch and handle your horse.
• Execute effective groundwork.
• Some helpful warm-up exercises.
• Hind- and front-quarter control.
• Safe and smooth saddling.
And…. How to ride your horse outside!

Jon Ensign grew up in ranch country, outside Belgrade, Montana. In the late 80s
when he was in his early 20’s, he landed a job cowboying for the nearby CA Ranch,
one of Montana’s most historic cattle outfits. With the skills, love for the horses,
and the outdoors he has been the proud owner of Jon Ensign Horsemanship since
1989 and has been developing his horse knowledge ever since.

Montana horseman Jon Ensign offers clinics all over the world to riders who want
establish a connection and partnership with their horses without using force. With
gentle patience, skill and more than 30 years’ experience, Jon trains riders to build
a working relationship with their horses which comes from a deep understanding
of equine thinking, instincts and behavior.

Jon’s deep understanding of horses, his ease in communicating with horse and
rider, and his skill and patience as a teacher have contributed to his gifts as a
clinician. He gives much of the credit to many of the horsemen who have taught
and influenced him. Jon is deeply appreciative of the many horses he’s been
privileged to ride and train, calling them all “amazing…and often misunderstood.”

A love for the horses, knowledge developed through years of practice and studies,
and the willingness to continue learning, are the key components that make
Jon a great “Horseman”.

Running time 45 minutes.


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