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Jaquima a Freno Series – Part 2 – Starting in the Jaquima

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‘Starting in the Jaquima’ is the second DVD in Richard Caldwell’s Jaquima a Fresno series. The Jaquima or hackamore is the first stage in the three step process of developing a finished bridle horse. In this video Richard demonstrates the techniques and exercises he uses to lay the foundation for lightness, straightness and impulsion in a young horse.

He begins the process by teaching his colts to yield to the signal of the hackamore and to move off his body language from the ground. In this philosophy of training there is always a signal and release. The signal motivates the horse to search for an answer but it is the release of pressure that teaches the horse. Never prevent your horse from making a mistake, but rather take each one as an opportunity to direct him towards a better answer. By the time a young horse has learned to move forward, backwards and laterally with lightness on the ground, he is ready to attempt these same exercises from the saddle.

The added complication of carrying a rider brings a new set of challenges to a young horse. Ideally, the horse’s body mimics the rider’s body. Richard discusses how he uses his seat, shoulders, ribcage to best stay in balance during different exercises. Through these exercises, the horse learns to yield the five areas of his body – the head, neck, shoulders, ribs, and hindquarters, which leads to the beginning of collection. Horses ridden correctly in the Jaquima will offer vertical flexion from the base of the withers, whereas those ridden in a snaffle generally flex only at the poll.

Throughout the video Richard also offers his extensive insight on the selection and use of traditional Vaquero gear. He discusses variations in the size, shape, and materials used to make Jaquimas and how these affect the ‘feel’ of each piece. He covers the make and handle of mecate ropes in the same detail.

The tradition of a Jaquima horse is a time-honored tradition that involves much patience. Remember never to work your young horse until he is tired, as this will teach him to lean on the Jaquima and resist his rider. As Richard says, ‘there’s always mañana’ (tomorrow).

Subchapter Titles:
Tying the Mecate
Let’s Talk Bosals
To Fiador or not to Fiador
Ground Flexions
Disengaging the Front End
Rollbacks from the Ground
Setting up the Hackamore
Mecates The Get Down Rope
Mounted Exercises
Lateral Flexion
Vertical Flexion
Stirrup Adjustment
Riding Circles
Disengaging the Hindquarters
Moving the Ribcage
Stepping it Up

Thoughts Running time: Approx.1 hour 22 minutes

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  1. cmzwgregory (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed Richard Caldwell’s dvd. Full of great information that is very helpful from choosing gear to important and meaningful exercises for you and your horse.

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