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If Horses Could Speak (DVD) by Dr Gerd Heuschmann


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Released in English April 2009 Presented by Dr. med. vet Gerd Heuschmann

How does incorrect riding negatively affect horse health?
What are the anatomical roots of a sound horse?
A must-see for anyone working with sport horses!

You’ve heard people debate about “classical” vs “modern” dressage, but what does it mean to a horse’s musculoskeletal system? Can the way a horse is trained and ridden translate to unsoundness and a shortened athletic career?

German veterinarian Gerd Heuschmann thinks so and he has followed his best-selling book “Tug of War: Classical vs Modern Dressage” with one of the most lavishly-produced, high-tech and dramatic video productions ever released as an equine science education tool.

Is he right or is he wrong? Only the horse could tell you, and of course, the horse cannot speak. Yet Heuschmann feels that what he sees in bones and tendons and ligaments of the legs and spine and neck speak volumes.

This DVD uses highly advanced animation and 3D graphic anatomy modeling to enhance very high quality filming of horses in training and competition moving correctly and incorrectly-although the incorrect movers often score more highly with judges in dressage.

IF HORSES COULD SPEAK is destined to be one of the most talked-about equine science projects of the new century, and is already being hailed as a thought-provoking classic.

Please enjoy a sneak preview of this DVD:


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