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Essential Elements of Horsemanship with Lee Smith

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Learning to Learn — Working at her ranch in Wickenburg, AZ, Lee halter breaks a, previously untouched, two year old stud colt. Lee also shows the trailer loading, and she shares her philosophy as she” takes the time it takes” to develop the trust and respect required for the horse to ‘TURN LOOSE’ to her. You will watch from start to finish this uncut work of art.

1 review for Essential Elements of Horsemanship with Lee Smith

  1. dessieschreuders

    I was lucky enough to attend one on Lee’s clinics here in Australia, what a fantastic trainer and coach! I found that although I thought I knew the footfalls my timing was a little out. I bought Lee’s Essential Elements of Horsemanship DVD and the teachings in it are fantastic, making everything clear in an easy logical manner. It has helped me a lot and the friends I ride with who have come around and watched it. I recommend everyone with a passion for improving their horsemanship to watch this DVD. Thanks Lee

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