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Cadence Made Simple with Lee Smith

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Cadence Made Simple- The Walk: Building a Seat Connection to the Feet Through Rhythm with Lee Smith

Whether you’re riding your horse down the trail or headed toward a career in performance, understanding the cadence of your horse’s gaits is an essential element of horsemanship. It is fundamental for effective communication with your horse. Once you learn to feel where your horse’s feet are and get in time with his natural rhythm, you’ll be able to develop a greater level of engagement, better responses in your transitions and departures, and most importantly, your horse will become comfortable and natural in his movement with a rider on his back.

This DVD is designed to help riders develop feel of the cadence at the walk. The first step is to simply get in rhythm with your horse’s feet as he is moving. This DVD will help you feel this essential connection. It offers some simple exercises so that you will know where any given foot is in motion. Once you develop a connection to the feet, you can begin to guide your horse in harmony with what is naturally taking place and achieve a greater level of performance.

1 review for Cadence Made Simple with Lee Smith

  1. mkennedy3

    I really enjoyed this dvd and the simple way it explains gaits of the equine. Great learning tool and can be used over and over as well as teaching others. Wonderful addition to my library!

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