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Bridle Horse Series with Martin Black


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“Martin Black knows horses from the inside out. He has
learned the Buckaroo style horsemanship from his people
of the Great Basin country. They were legends in their own
time. Martin has carried this style of Buckaroo and
Vaquero work for all to view. Great Job!” – Ernie Morris

Great Basin horseman Martin Black delivers an insightful DVD series for the aspiring bridle horse maker and admirer alike. In these DVDs, Martin will share with you what he has learned from his experiences buckarooing on some big outfits and working around top-horseman using traditional gear and methods. Learn the function and use of this traditional gear, proper fitting and selection in the process of making of bridle horse. This is not the latest and greatest he is sharing, but rather an old tradition he wants to preserve and honor.

Filled with great music and historical photos this series is sure to educate and entertain.

Topics Covered Include:

The Hackamore – Running Time 1 hour 30 min.
• Sizes and Materials
• Proper Fit and Function
• The Art of Doubling
• Guidelines of Acceptance
• When To Move to the Two-Rein

The Two-Rein – Running Time 1 hour
• Selection of Gear – Bit and Bosal
• Fitting and Adjustment
• Bridling and Unbridling
• Handling the Reins
• When To Move to the Bridle

The Bridle – Running Time 1 hour
• Parts of the Bit
• Checking Up
• Bridle Horse Marks
• What is a true Bridle Horse?

Please enjoy a Sneak Preview of the Series!


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