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Think Harmony and True Unity

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True Unity by Tom Dorrance

Tom Dorrance has been referred to as the “horse’s lawyer. ” Tom gives the horse credit for his knowledge of a horse’s feelings and problems. He says, “What I know about the horse I learned from the horse. “

Now, in True Unity, Tom shares some of these ideas to help achieve a true unity for human and horse.

In talking about the horse Tom mentions often the horse’s need for self-preservation. The self Tom approaches in the horse is a total entity. True Unity allows the reader to feel and see the horse in the way Tom sees and feels the horse. It allows the reader to approach the horse with Tom — to approach the horse with a feeling of acceptance for the value of the whole horse — physical, mental and an innermost horse.

A unique bonus feature of True Unity is a chapter presenting some of Tom’s students as the share how Tom’s help with their horses changed their horses’ and their lives.

(hardcover, photos, 151 pgs.)

Think Harmony with Horses by Ray Hunt

“When you ask your horse to do something it should be his idea… he wants to do it, he understands how to do it, and he does it. ” These words are typical of the way Ray Hunt expresses his philosophy of the ideal relationship between horse and man. That philosophy is discussed in this book, in a manner that makes the reader feel as if he is listening to Ray talk. It is persuasive talk¡ªgently persuasive; this man’s ideas make a lot of sense, and the success he has achieved with those ideas is impressive.

Ray Hunt travels around the country working with groups of riders who are interested in his philosophy of harmony with horses. As Gene Lewis says in his forward to the book, Ray’s theory is “to unite the horse and rider into one working unit of both mind and body. He has developed a language and has become a wonderful teacher and demonstrator. “

Included in this book is an interpretation of the “Ray Hunt method of schooling a horse” written by Vincent W. Carpenter, who attended one of Ray’s clinics. He tells amazing stories that Ray might not tell about himself and summarizes the whole philosophy in a clear and objective way.

Also included is a question and answer section, in which a number of the most commonly asked questions are answered in detail. And throughout the entire book runs the simple, basic idea: think harmony.

(hardcover, 87 pgs.)

4 reviews for Think Harmony and True Unity

  1. image3875

    When bushfire claimed our house in January, I had a philosophical approach; our horses and our dog were safe, everything else was only “stuff”. I felt like I was not going to mourn any material things – until Tom Dorrance’s words once again came, unbidden, to mind while I was riding/training.
    This is the power of True Unity and Think Harmony. Both of these books will be read again and again, and with each reading different parts of the book will take on more significance to the reader, and these parts will, at different stages in our journey, light up different parts of our brains! Even when my horse(s) and I are travelling along in peace, enjoying the world, through these books, Tom’s and Ray’s voices accompany me – randomly making chants to the beat of the horse’s footfalls…”first I go with him, then he goes with me, then we go together.” or, “Do less”. They sound so simple but have made, quite literally, changes to the way I think, not just with horses.
    I will not replace my library from Eclectic until I am back in my own home again, but when I do, even though I’ve read them over and over, these staples will once again, be the foundation.

  2. fjhancock

    These books are the doorway in to a world of communication with horses! A person needs to be truly hungry for “a better way” to really digest the meat that is in these books. As I become a better student of the horse, my communication is improving. Thanks to these two great men, the horse world is becoming a better place.

  3. brenda1

    Full of wisdom hard to find eslewhere.
    This is more a philosophy of horsemanship than a “how to” step by step guide.

  4. ransom0726

    I think this book is one of the best written horsemens bible! Every time I read it I find something I missed the times before which tells me I still have so much more to Absorb and watch it all come together in my horses. They’re who tell me if I’m getting it or not.

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