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From The Great Basin Tradition – Rodea Style Roping Set from Martin Black

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Martin Black’s family has maintained the ranching tradition on the same ranch since 1865. His great grandfather grew up with the horsemanship and roping of the vaqueros that brought their large herds of cattle to the Great Basin in the 1870s. For several generations, the style, principles and ethics have been handed down.

Martin would like to share some insight to the culture and traditions that he has lived and hopes to preserve and pass it on for others to enjoy.

Part 1: Classic Rodea Style Ranch Roping with Martin Black
This DVD showcases everyday life on a real working ranch set at the base of the beautiful Steens mountains in southeastern Oregon on the historic Alvord Ranch. Martin and Frank Dominguez show examples and explain the details of the stockmanship, horsemanship, team-work and dedication of traditional ranch-roping while accomplishing the job of summer branding.

Part 2: The Answers To Your Questions
This DVD, shot on the historic Alvord Ranch with the beautiful Steen mountains in the background, addresses the questions raised by the first DVD. Martin’s library of old family photos and home movies , the knowledge and humor of three of the top Great Basin ropers along with exclusive music from Pedro Marquez makes this both educational and entertaining.

You will enjoy several hours of detailed explanation in roping, horsemanship, stockmanship and much more. Martin’s unique insight and perspective will benefit both the experienced ropers and beginners alike. These DVD’s can be studied individually but as a set, they are much more comprehensive.

Part 3 Roping Fundamentals:
A great supplement two his previously released roping DVDs. In this DVD Martin puts a lot of emphasis on safety and efficiency. He shares some things in this video that will help develop correct muscle memory to stay safe and develop good roping fundamentals. Martin demonstrates some procedures that can help the more experienced roper or beginner alike to become a more versatile roper such as: loop building, rope handling, developing a good swing, basic deliveries, and tips for running rope and dallying.

3 reviews for From The Great Basin Tradition – Rodea Style Roping Set from Martin Black

  1. jtruax

    Very good. Useful for a real working cowboy. Bought as a Christmas gift for my dad.

  2. ona4day

    What a great video. Martin Black clearly and in simple terms explains the methods and secrets to ranch roping. Highly recommend for anyone interested in learning this traditional style of horsemanship and stockmanship.

  3. Sean Mayfield

    This set of videos is very detailed and is great info from the fundamentals, to etique in the branding pen, a great and very informative set of videos on ranch roping

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