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Essential Elements of Lateral Work Reader by Wendy Murdoch


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Collected articles on Lateral work by Wendy Murdoch beautifully illustrated. Soft Cover, 40 pages.

Table of Contents:
Introduction to Lateral Work An overview of lateral movements.

Laterally Related Part 1 – A characteristec grouping of latearl movements.

Laterally Related Part 2 – A characteristic grouping of circular movements, or —are you dizzy yet?

Laterally Related Part 3 – Moving on Three Tracks —Put the right foot in, take the right foot out, put the right foot in

Laterally Related Part 4 – Moving From One Lateral Movement to Another — “Which way to Millinocket?”

Laterally Related Part 5- Connecting Circular Figures —Pirouettes in Your Parlor

From the Preface
One might think that after surviving the birth of one book I might quit. Well it seems my fingers can’t stop typing the thoughts running around in my head. Even before Simplify Your Riding was finished I had begun on a new series of articles for Eclectic Horseman Magazine. The goal was to write articles on lateral work but I soon discovered that there was much to be said before actually writing anything about going sideways on your horse. First you needed to know what you were trying to accomplish and why moving the horse laterally might help. As a result the first six articles are presented here in The Essential Elements of Lateral Work.

It was quite gratifying to finally get these concepts into print. I had been trying to write an article about the horse being on the bit and in self-carriage for years. The stumbling block was the images. One cannot publish photos without reproduction rights. Hence I could not print the images I use in my lectures. But, after taking a series of Anatomy in Clay® courses with Jon Zahourek I discovered suddenly that I could draw horse skeletons! (See Anatomy of a Good Seat Reader) Granted they could be better if I was a trained technical artist. Be that as it may I think you will find that my humble skeletons get the point across. Fortunately I was able to recruit two wonderful graphic/artists to help me with the other illustrations in The Essential Elements of Lateral Work reader and The Effortless Rider® reader.

In time my hope is that these readers become fully-fledged books but that could take years. I decided to publish them in this form so that my students and all equestrians trying to improve themselves could benefit. I hope you enjoy the information herein and please feel free to contact me via email with your questions and thoughts. My response time seems to be dictated by the wordiness of the email. Short and to the point yields the fastest response.

Enjoy the ride! Wendy Murdoch


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