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Leadership Is NOT a Wardrobe Issue by Nancy Lowery


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Product Description

Leadership is NOT a Wardrobe Issue. Life lessons on leadership through horsemanship and how they relate to The Natural Leader programs. A sixteen-year veteran of experiential equine learning Nancy has delivered hundreds of programs to thousands of individuals. In Leadership is NOT a Wardrobe Issue, Nancy shares her expertise on a wide range of topics from working with horses, practical experience on developing a business and references for the arena for those considering a career path of leadership through working with horses or those wishing to expand their current equine practice. A certification program in a book.

“This book was a delightful surprise for me. Nancy’s knowledge and approach to horses and horsemanship is complete and thoughtful. She then applies this awareness and understanding to her leadership programs. Her explanations and exercises are concise and creative. She caused me to think about these parallels in my own non-verbal horse/human communications. I definitely learned something, and hope that Nancy will not mind if I occasionally borrow some of her words in my clinics. Highly recommended.” Ellen Eckstien, CA, USA – Bringing it Together

Leadership is NOT a Wardrobe Issue covers 4 areas
• The Business of offering Leadership with Horses,
• how Horsemanship has influenced the work of The Natural Leader;
• Activities to complement your programs with lesson plans, coaching conversations and the lessons learned along the way;
• Coachable Moments – this section applies to those one-on-one conversations with horsemanship concepts. Coachable Moments draws from the experience Nancy has gained starting horses over the years connecting the two through questions.