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I, Siglavy by Lisbeth Asay


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I, Siglavy will delight, touch, and inspire

Lisbeth Asay tells a story of salvation and adventure from the point of view of the Lipizzaner stallion, Siglavy Sagana II. Based on a true story, the stallion Siglavy reflects on his life and the people and animals in it. Over a period of seven days, he contemplates the essence of life and the central relationships in his world.

A former circus horse, Siglavy comes to Margaret Gill as a gift from her husband. In Siglavy’s presence, events unfold to shape Margaret’s life and deepen her perspective. With beauty and pure goodness, Siglavy impresses everyone, from those who have never touched a horse to world-famous equestrians. He becomes a mentor of love and understanding, of learning and effort. When tragedy suddenly strikes, Margaret’s will to live is lost. It is Siglavy who brings her back, step by step.

I, Siglavy is a fascinating and poetic tale of the deep and influential connection between animal and human, to be enjoyed by horse people and those who have never known an animal.

Lisbeth Asay was born in Norway where she worked in publishing. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and their two horses.

Siglavy Sagana II, a Lipizzaner stallion, was purchased from El Capitan Ranch in California. He was a circus horse before he came to Margaret Gill in Oregon. He lived to be 31 years old.