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Rider & Horse Back to Back


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Establishing a Mobile, Stable Core in the Saddle
By Suzanne von Dietze

In this new book, Susanne von Dietze, author of the bestselling book and DVD Balance in Movement, explains how to dynamically stabilize your back so you can ride with "feel" and in tune with riding's demands on your body, and your horse's, at all times. "Back-friendly" riding — the key to achieving harmony with your horse — is:

• Correct
• Effortless
• Sensitive
• Effective

This new book includes exercises to improve:
• Flexibility
• Dexterity
• Mobility
• Stability

With meticulously thorough explanations of body awareness, perception, and applicable aspects of physical fitness, von Dietze's program helps you train without overstraining so you can ride better, longer, while at the same time improving transitions, half-halts, sitting trot, straightness, and collection.

Hardcover, 192 pgs. Illustrations: 278 color photos, 19 diagrams.


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