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Problem Solving Vol. 1 by Marty Marten

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A great resource for riders at every level!

This book includes some of the most common problems people consistently seem to have with their horses. Marty provides you with ideas and suggestions on how to develop a plan to solve the problems you struggle with yourself to build a willing partnership with your horse!

In this book, Marty covers:

* Groundwork

* Riding Foundation

* Trailer-loading

* Hard-to-catch

* Barn Sour

* Spooking

* Crossing Water and Bridges

* Herd-bound

* Pulls Back when Tied

(softcover, photos, illustrations, 247 pgs.)

Excerpt from the book:

Groundwork – Problem-solving Starts Here

The purpose of this chapter is to establish a foundation for solving all the problems covered in this book. As you read the chapters on solving specific problems, there will be many referrals back to the groundwork. The techniques suggested in these chapters will assume the handler has read and can successfully complete the various groundwork exercises presented.

The beauty of this groundwork is its simplicity and positive results. It is useful in all aspects of training, whether working with a problem horse, starting a colt, or improving your own horsemanship. At any age or level of a horse’s training, you can improve his groundwork and riding foundation.

Groundwork is a confidence-builder for both the horse and the human. It is an opportunity to develop mutual trust, confidence, respect, and understanding. The human can establish himself in the leadership role.

It’s the little things that make the difference. Getting you and your horse handy on the halter rope makes everything easier, including catching, leading, trailering, vetting, shoeing, saddling, mounting, and all riding activities. Respect and response are as important during the day-to-day little things we do around our horses as they are in our planned training sessions.

4 reviews for Problem Solving Vol. 1 by Marty Marten

  1. gemfox

    This is an awesome book (as is the second one) that gives you an understanding of the philosophy of training as well as how do deal with particular problems you might run into. Highly recommended for anyone who has a horse. Reading through this book and applying what it talks about will give every horse owner a much more enjoyable and safe horse.

  2. nmorrow

    This book has been a great guide to refer to. We sometimes help riders who are not quite as knowledgeable as others and the Problem Solving book breaks many exercises and problems down to an understandable level for them. It has inspired our guides to try new things and build their confidence.

  3. marion.wheaton

    Great book. Easy to understand problem solving skills for every horse owner!

  4. kristina.graham.10

    This book was my horsemanship bible during my first two years of horse ownership. I read Chapter 1 (Groundwork) so often that the pages fell out of the book. I even recorded the first chapter and listen to it in the car going to and from the barn. Marty Marten provides clear instructions for most of the essential exercises you’d find in a foundation horsemanship clinic, each complimented by easy to follow photos and illustrations. And because it’s in print form, it’s easy to go back to again, and again, and again…. I solved my horse’s barn sourness with this book. I learned how to teach a horse to trailer load. And best of all, I learned how to do everything with a positive attitude. Marten clearly wants us all to enjoy the time we spend with our horses, as illustrated by this quote about problem solving (p. 46): “Get out and ride your horse, smile, and enjoy yourself; it will all work out. Focus on the good and the not-so-good will just go away.”

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