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Finding the Missed Path by Mark Rashid

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The Art of Restarting Horses

“HORSES ARE A LOT LIKE PEOPLE,” says renowned horseman Mark Rashid. “When there are gaps in understanding, confusion, and thus frustration, worry, and even anger are sure to follow.”

Horses often grow up with these “gaps” in their training and education. When this happens, it can be difficult for the horse to be a willing partner to a human, and he may need to be “restarted”—that is, given a second chance to learn what is expected of him and how he can find a place where he is confident and comfortable both beside a handler and beneath a rider.

In order to restart a horse successfully, we need to know how to retrace the steps the horse’s education has taken and find the path missed the first time around. In this book, the first of the expansive library of books penned by Rashid to include full-color photographs, readers are guided through practical steps for restarting horses, using Rashid’s simple yet impactful concepts derived from years of study of martial arts. We walk along with him as he proceeds with the quiet sorting of experience that provides the insight we need to give any horse the new beginning he deserves.

Paperback, 200 pages, color photos.

8 reviews for Finding the Missed Path by Mark Rashid

  1. Deb G.,IL,USA

    I like how Mark gives clear and easily understandable examples while explaining the different situations people and horses experience. I really enjoyed chapter 7 The Beginning, explaining the difference between a pull and neutral resistance.

    It has great photos and is printed with nice wide margins if the reader would like to jot down notes. I have enjoyed all of Mark’s past books and this one did not disappoint,

  2. atliberty3

    Oh my, like Mark’s other books the reader will find great insight for handling horses. Especially in this book one will find how to back up from hurrying to get a horse to do what the owner wants. Considering the horses make-up and outlook on life has the horse’s partner stepping back and evaluating why the horse training has become troublesome and how to work out of it so both horse and rider come away feeling satisfied and refreshed.

  3. janiemims (verified owner)

    Through the use of examples and stories, Mark Rashid sends his readers down the road towards thinking about how to develop a better partnership with their horse. This book is not about a quick fix for your issues, but rather a way of thinking and discovering how you might move forward. I recommend it highly!

  4. bev.stockwell

    Like so many of Mark’s books, this book is entertaining, very readable and recounts many events and situation that could happen to any one of us. The difference is that Mark understands why they happen and what to do about it.

  5. sunnyhawk

    All of Mark’s books have a place in any serious horse person’s library, in my opinion, and Finding The Missed Path is no exception. Filled with Mark’s style of teaching by description, story and example, important and useful concepts have a way of working their way into the reader’s mind and sticking, often resulting in self-discovery of some ‘missed paths’ of horsemanship.

    I found this book very helpful in un-doing some of the inadvertent lessons I had taught my horses and in opening my eyes to being mindful of the more nuanced aspects of horsemanship that if continually worked on, can make THE difference in our relationship with our horses.

  6. Ali Pullin

    Mark Rashid is an excellent horseman and author. I highly recommend all his books to everyone, no matter where they are on their horsemanship journey.

    As others have noted, this is not a step by step training manual, but it is full of thought provoking examples of
    Mark’s progress with different horses over the years.

  7. dsknorr

    For many, Mark Rashid and his amazing books have been a light in the dark for those of us searching for a better way with horses. As Mark notes, the book is not a “do this and you’ll get that” type of book but provides background, reason and often stories that illustrate the thought behind the thought. What makes this valuable is that it helps the reader decide how the idea fits, meaning when to use or how to change or modify it to fit a given situation. This makes the book a standout. I attended one of his clinics in Iowa last year and his way of working with people is very similar to the way he writes. I’d highly recommend this book. Great read.

  8. kiipb97

    I find Mark Rashid book to be thought provoking! Mark is not a how to, step by step teacher but allows you to process his teachings.
    Some of his stories just resonate!

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