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Cow Horse Confidence by Martin Black

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With Cynthia McFarland

Martin Black could be called “the pro’s pro,” the horseman other trainers seek to help resolve a problem or get a young horse off to a good start. Cow-Horse Confidence gives an inside look at Black’s time-honored techniques for working horses and cattle. Black covers such topics as developing feel, learning to read cattle, using the “A” pen to train your horse, low stress trailer loading and ranch roping for work and fun. Illustrated with diagrams and more than 200 color photographs, many from the Alvord Ranch in Oregon, this book will improve your ability to understand and communicate with your horses and improve your stock-handling skills. 192 pages

3 reviews for Cow Horse Confidence by Martin Black

  1. horsetacksale

    One of my favorite books. Alone the beautiful pictures are worth to buy it. Of course the training advice and the lessons reached are well worth the price. Definitely recommend this book.

  2. allisonlandro

    I have had a chance to ride with Martin and I have watched his video series several times. Cow-horse confidence is like the “companion guide” to his teaching. Martin is proud of his heritage and family history and the book opens with chapters on tradition and a discussion of old ways that are worth preserving. The chapters on training methods, exercises, position on cows, working cattle and more are great reminders of the things I have been introduced to and taught. Even if you aren’t already familiar with Martin’s horsemanship this book is well written and highly informative for those interested in improving their ability to handle horses and cattle.

  3. rebecca.borror

    Really good book covering a lot of what a horse needs to do on a working ranch.

    Especially good information about handling cattle, whether you are horseback or not.

    Great photos and descriptions also about ranch roping shots as well.

    Very thorough book about stockmanship both from a horseman’s perspective and a cattle handler’s perspective.

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